20Books London Conference Overview

Runnymede-on-Thames (it’s almost London)
February 3-4, 2018

What is this conference about? Do you want to take things to the next level? Is your hard work not getting you where you need to go? That’s why we’re here – how can your writing make you money.

We want to help you identify both the things you are good at and where you might need help. You could be surprised what you find out. Most of the presentations will have little time if any for questions, but we’ve built long breaks into the schedule because networking is one of many ways to get you to the next level.

If you have questions, ambush the presenter at an opportune moment. Please leave them in peace if they are in the bathroom, although Michael Anderle is fair game wherever you may run across him. That’s what I thought I heard from him. If you do get the opportunity to ask a question, be cool. No uncool questions, please. Most of the presentations will be enough in depth to help you ask smarter questions. This conference is all about helping those who are trying to help themselves.

We have our main room for this session, but we’ll still support some ad hoc breakout sessions. We will figure a place and schedule for those, although the London schedule is jam packed with the best guest speakers.

What are the writing sessions all about? We’ll take these writing sessions to sharpen our blurbs, sharpen our first sentences, first pages, write an emotionally connected character – all those little things that we need to have a great book. In the groups, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to get feedback on your work from both new and experienced authors, plus, I’d like to think that we are all readers and can see the stories from that perspective. Will the reader keep reading? This is the greatest testament to our art and business.

There are some well-established authors who will be milling about to talk with you about your stories, your blurb, ad copy, whatever. Strut your stuff. They will teach and in this, they learn, too. Every single one of you knows something we don’t. We all have something to share with others. Let’s take this opportunity to have good two-way conversations. It doesn’t matter to me if your collaborator writes in the same genre as you or not. You might find it easier to relate but this isn’t about this one story. It’s about each of us learning a writing or advertising tip that we didn’t know before that we can take home from the conference, and put it into practice to do a little better tomorrow than we did yesterday.

Guest Speakers

20Books London – where you’ll experience the best that this fine group has to offer. From presentations to networking to casual conversations, Runnymede-on-Thames  is the place to be on February 3-4, 2018.

Craig Martelle – your host for the 20Books London conference

Craig Martelle

Retired Marine, lawyer, and recluse Alaskan who breaks free from his sub-Arctic shell every now and then to meet with his favorite people – fellow authors! Craig writes science fiction, mostly with a post-apocalyptic slant. Craig hit the $50k mark with his 19th book, without a single breakout title, although he’s had a number of books wear Amazon’s bestseller tag, albeit briefly. He calls himself the blue collar author and claims that quantity has a quality all its own. Craig has an extensive back list and a growing group of fans. At least that’s what he tells himself. The most important thing we can do as authors is give back in some way, whether through social lessons in our prose or helping others reach the next level in their journey as professional authors.


Andrew Dobell – co-host for the 20Books London conference

Andrew Dobell

Andrew has always been a creative and has enjoyed art from as early as he can remember. Creative writing has been a part of his life for many years, as he enjoyed writing plots and stories for the various RPG games he played with friends as a teenager, and creating stories within his English classes at school.Following his education, Andrew eventually found work as a Freelance, and then in-house artist, while also pursuing a side career in wedding Photography before returning to full time freelance work. In 2013, Andrew chose to pursue a more creative direction with his work, mixing his Photography and Illustration skills to focus on Composite Images.
Around the same time, Andrew also published his first Novel. But it wasn’t until 2016 that Andrew started write every day. In the meantime, after getting involved in the Author community, Andrew started to work as a Cover Artist for other Authors.
Today, Andrew mainly splits his time between writing his own books, and his Book Cover work, with plans for many books and series to come.


Michael Anderle

Michael Anderle

With Zero experience in Indie Publishing (and practically zero experience writing a novel) Michael has surprised both himself, his readers and the pundits that wish he would shut the hell up about his opinions.

Basically, because he chose to do things differently and those ideas had the audacity to work.

Now, a year and a half later, Michael is spending a lot of time on the Amazon’s top 100 Authors list for total sales. Many of his personal books, and those he has collaborated with open to top 100 and / or BestSelling status in many competitive genre’s including Science Fiction Apocalyptic & Dystopian, Science Fiction Space Opera, Science Fiction Genetics, Paranormal Vampires / Werewolves, YA Fantasy and Horror.

Soon, he will be releasing  books in new genres, testing the truth of some more rules we all accept to be true and seeing if he can create an additional universe.


Mark Dawson (probable)

Mark Dawson

Mark Dawson is a best-selling author of thrillers with his John Milton, Beatrix and Isabella Rose books. He is also the founder of the Self Publishing Formula, a site offering free and paid education for authors who want to market their books and reach more readers.


Dave Chesson (tentative)

Dave Chesson

Dave Chesson is the founder of Kindlepreneur.com, an advanced book marketing website that gets over 100k visitors per month. He’s consulted NYT bestselling authors like Ted Dekker, and L.Ron Hubbard and is the go to book marketer for famous bloggers like Pat Flynn, Jeff Goins, and Aaron Walker. He’s the creator of KDP Rocket, a book marketing research tool and when he’s not writing his next book, he loves lightsaber dueling with his three little Padawans.


Michael (M.D.) Cooper

Michael Cooper

Michael Cooper likes to think of himself as a jack of all trades (and hopes to become master of a few). When not writing he can be found writing software, working in his shop at his latest carpentry project, or likely reading a book. He shares his home with a precocious young girl, his wonderful wife (who also writes), two cats, a never-ending list of things he would like to build, and ideas…


Abby Lynn Knorr

Abby Lynn Knorr

A Canadian spending summers in the Rockies and winters anywhere that it’s not minus freeze-your-brains-out, Abby’s life has transformed from one of corporate employee in 2015 to one of a full-time transient writer. Having harboured the dream of writing her entire life, and unsure what to do after quitting her job and moving to Italy, learning how much Amazon had transformed the book market made the decision for her. It was time to be an author. There has been no looking back.


Kevin McLaughlin

Kevin McLaughlin
When not practicing hobbies which include sailing, constructing medieval armor, and swinging swords at his friends, USA Today bestselling author Kevin McLaughlin can usually be found in his Boston home, writing the next book. Kevin’s award-winning science fiction and fantasy stories continue to thrill readers.

Ben North – Building an Author Business


Derek Murphy – Listbuilding & Marketing (Tentative)

Derek Murphy

Derek Murphy is a book designer with a Ph.D. in Literature, and the author of Guerrilla Publishing. He’s been featured on CNN for running a writing retreat in a castle for Nanowrimo. These days he mostly writes young adult fantasy and science fiction, while helping authors build profitable publishing platforms.


Honoree Corder (tentative) – Making Money

Honorée Corder is the author of dozens of books, including You Must Write a Book, The Prosperous Writers book series, Vision to Reality, Business Dating, The Successful Single Mom book series, If Divorce is a Game, These are the Rules, and The Divorced Phoenix. She is also Hal Elrod’s business partner in The Miracle Morning book series. Honorée coaches business professionals, writers, and aspiring non-fiction authors who want to publish their books to bestseller status, create a platform, and develop multiple streams of income. She also does all sorts of other magical things, and her badassery is legendary. You can find out more at HonoreeCorder.com.


Ricardo Fayet – co-founder of Reedsy will talk Going Wide as part of a panel discussion with D2D, Kobo, and others

Ricardo Fayet is one of the founders of Reedsy, an online marketplace connecting authors with the world’s top editors, designers and book marketers. He likes to imagine how small players will shape the future of publishing, and is the author of several free courses for authors as part of Reedsy Learning.


As part of your registration the following will be provided.

– An endless supply of tea & coffee

– Sandwich lunches on both Saturday and Sunday (I have no idea what the sandwiches will be – we’ll gain fidelity as the date gets closer so we can make sure we don’t poison anyone who is deathly allergic to something)

Sessions will cover the following 

Beats, Series Arc, and Emotion by Michael Anderle

Amazon Ads by Mark Dawson (probable)

Keywords – Dave Chesson, Kindlepreneur (tentative)

Using live models for maximum cover impact by Andrew Dobell

Blurbs by Kevin McLaughlin, this will also include writing exercises aimed to improve your blurbology

Using data in marketing and what will you make tomorrow? by Michael Cooper

Forty Days to Four Figures by Abby Lynn Knorr

Building Your Author Business by Ben North

Your first sentence, first paragraph, and first page by Craig Martelle, this will include writing exercises to improve your sentenceography

Listbuilding and General Marketing – Derek Murphy (tentative)

Making Money – Honoree Corder (tentative)


Time Session Host
8am – 9am Check-In – outside Grand Union 2&3 Andrew Dobell & Craig Martelle
9am-9:15am Welcome and Overview Craig Martelle
9:15am-10am Beats, Series, & Arcs Michael Anderle
10am-10:15am Break Break
10:15am-11am (Raffle) Keywords Dave Chesson (Kindlepreneur)
11am-11:45am Blurbs Kevin McLaughlin
11:45am-1:15pm Lunch (provided in the conference room)
1:15pm-2pm  (Raffle) Listbuilding & General Marketing Derek Murphy
2pm-2:15pm Break
2:15pm-3pm (Raffle) Building your Author business Ben North
3pm-3:45pm Facebook, Ads Michael Cooper
3:45pm-4:15pm Break
4:15pm-5pm (Raffle) Saturday Keynote – Making Money Honoree Corder
5pm-5:15pm First Day Wrap Up Craig Martelle



Time Session Host
9am-9:45am (Raffle) Collaborating with Other Authors Michael Anderle, Craig Martelle, & Martha Carr
9:45am-10am Break
10am-10:45am (Raffle) Forty days to four figures Abby-Lynn Knorr
10:45am-11:30am Going Wide Panel – Ricardo Fayet & others
11:30am-noon Using live models for maximum cover impact Andrew Dobell
noon-1:30pm Lunch (provided in the conference room)
1:30pm-2:15pm (Raffle) Building a Readership through Better Marketing Mark Dawson
2:15pm-3pm Using emotion in your stories Michael Anderle
3pm-3:30pm Break
3:30pm-4:30pm Open Floor Roundtable Michael Anderle & Mark Dawson
4:30pm-5pm Conference Wrap-Up Craig Martelle



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